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Our Vision

After several years of discussion and planning, the Indiana Animal Health Foundation (IAHF) Board of Directors met on May 11, 2016, and approved moving forward with developing a fund-raising plan to build a veterinary building on the grounds of the Indiana State Fair (ISF) in Indianapolis. “Vet Plex” will provide a year-round facility for use by the IVMA/IAHF and the Indiana State Fair.

The purpose of the Vet Plex will be to bring attention to, and education about, the importance of veterinary medicine in the lives of all people. It will specifically relate to the profession’s essential role in the production of high-quality animal-based protein, advancing human health by advancing medical science, improving the human-animal bond, and improving the efficiency of animal agriculture through the highest level of animal wellness and care.

Vet Plex will be a part of the State Fair Farm at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. This will be the next generation of agricultural education. The Indiana State Fair Farm will magnify the tremendous success of the State Fair and the wildly popular Little Hands on the Farm feature, as well as expand year-round educational opportunities. It has the potential to transform how Indiana thinks about food, agriculture, and our future by reaching countless more Hoosiers with an important message of impact. Complementing its creative and proven programs that present agricultural concepts in dynamic ways, the vision for State Fair Farm is to bring the farm to the city throughout the year. With more than a dozen immersive experiences for both children and adults, the Farm will connect them with science and agriculture through the food we eat and communicate the importance of agriculture in our lives.

This year-round facility will be host to the nearly 1 million attendees of the Indiana State Fair. Vet Plex will also be used as a center for outreach to the citizens of Indiana and specifically those underserved and underrepresented citizens who live in central Indiana, allowing for hands-on education. The bridging of animal health with human health will be a key focus of this direct education resulting in the improvement of the lives of the citizens of Indiana and visitors to Indianapolis.

Vet Plex is a project of the IAHF to further advance its organizational mission and purpose. The IAHF will act as the fundraising entity for Vet Plex, while the ISFC will serve as the project owner as this building will reside on the ISF campus and be the property of the ISFC on behalf of the citizens of Indiana. 

As the IAHF is a recognized 501(c)(3) entity, it will be able to receive the donated funds for this project while offering those donating the tax benefits of their contributions.

Let’s Make a Difference

VetPlex will be the home for veterinary medicine education in Indiana, striving to achieve the following:

VetPlex serves as the connectivity of veterinary medicine and our everyday lives. As a showcase for the agricultural industry, ag health partners and the general public, VetPlex becomes the conduit for educational outreach through:

  • unique programming
  • education forums and exhibits created to feature animal wellness and health
  • learning displays that highlight the need and the importance of the
    human & animal bond

VetPlex will provide the landscape for educational opportunities to serve the citizens of Indiana throughout the year through:

  • A staging area with theatre style seating for veterinary medicine procedures
    and educational opportunities
  • An open space to be developed as animal corrals during the Indiana State
    Fair and for year-round applicable events, allowing for varying species of
    animals to be featured
  • Outdoor space for human and animal integration.
  • Meeting and conference center space for veterinary medicine and
    agricultural entities
  • Educational displays and interactive stations for student and public learning
    and engagement.

The Indiana State Fairgrounds is the hub of Midwest Agricultural entities, hosting more than 300 events throughout the year. During the annual Indiana State Fair in August, average attendance is over 850,000.

  • Land acreage potential for VetPlex is 1.25
  • Designed to be flexible and modular, the VetPlex facility will be a destination site for education programming, school field trips and events
  • VetPlex will reside on the ISFC campus and be the property of the Indiana State Fair Commission available for use on behalf of the citizens of Indiana.

The VetPlex will consist of the following:

  • A 75’ X 112’ (8,400 sq ft) steel building with completely finished interior
  • Free-span exhibit space will approximately 40’ X 96’ (3,840 sq ft) allowing for a general public interaction exhibit space
  • Classroom space of an approximate 32’ X 112” (3,584 sq ft) section with seating up to 50
  • An entrance to the building equipped with a large animal entrance with observational area
  • Small animal pre-operative area and operating theater
  • Small animal kennel
  • Office space complete with staff lounge/restroom/shower and 3 overnight living spaces (specifically for annual Indiana State Fair educational staff)
  • An outside area that will include a 12’ deep porch on 3 sides (west, south and east)

The IAHF and the Indiana State Fair Commission are working to raise the funds needed for this exciting project. Donate today to make a difference. As a partner, your financial support will assist the Indiana Animal Health Foundation to promote the importance of veterinary medicine in the lives of all people.

Donate Today!

This is critical at a time when the interest in public health, increasing the safety and e ciency of animal protein delivery, and animal wellness and care is at an all time high. Will you help us?

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